Sunny Hill - The Grasshopper Song


Sunny Hill - The Grasshopper Song

Rašyti by My-Monkey-Magic on Kv. 12 01 2012, 19:33

the narrator is saying : grasshopper, ant are famous bugs we know. we
all know about the tale "grasshopper and ant" very well. here is the
ant. he`s got so many letters of commendation. and got so enough food to
survive. but it looks priceless. it seems someone is leaving. ah,,the
very grasshopper is laeaving. contrary to popular belief, other ants are
making noises(feel pity on grasshopper) she`s gotta beg or die of
starvation. she will be dying indeed? she `got something to tell us

I freakin' love it!!! Jų visi klipai tokie KIETI. *___* ir dainos, ahhhh!!

    Dabar yra Antr. 22 01 2019, 06:40